Other forms of Funding

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Other forms of

After the FUNDING WG the assistant will be able to understand the different options for Young SMES financing when it comes to EU FUNDING.
The objective of this thematic seminar is to present two kinds of ways of financing, firstly with the traditional EU FUNDING programs where also networking and exchange of experiences is provided and secondly with the group of tools known as revolving funds, specially the JEREMY FUND, which consists in individual loans supported by a private financial entity but with EU FUNDING coming from the Operational programs. These two options will be presented highlighting the main benefits of each one.


  • Cámaras Fundación Incyde
  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council OMBC (UK)
  • Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency

The aim of this seminar will be to understand the different financial instruments available for Young SMES. The FUNDING WG will be based on two big areas:


• First part will be focused on financial instruments articulated by loans supported in most cases by revolving funds like the Jeremie Initiative. Risks capital funds, crowd funding, business angels and other kind of financial instruments will be discussed.


• Second part of the WG will be based on EU Funding Programmes which have proved to provide very important benefits a part from the financial issue. Mainly, European Territorial Cooperation Programmes and direct action Programs launched by the European Commission guarantee a source of funding but also let the companies to set new business opportunities, knowledge and networking.

Other forms of Funding
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