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The Thematic Seminar to be held in Malta during the month of November 2012 will focus on issues Young SMEs face when it comes to Management. Presentations related to business management assistance given by Malta Enterprise will be held, whilst at the same time incentives in order to help Young SMEs in Malta will be showcased. During the Malta Thematic Seminar, presentations related to the thematic’s topic will also be given by the partners from SERA, OMBC, Falkirk, Koblenz and KTC.


  • South-East Regional Authority SERA
  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council OMBC (UK)
  • Falkirk Council-FALKIRK (UK)
  • City of Koblenz-KOBLENZ (GERMANY)
  • KTU Regional Science Park-KTC

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of one’s business in order to ensure better strategic planning is becoming even more crucial for any business to ensure its survival and long-term sustainability in today’s highly-competitive environment.


Despite the importance of such work, businesses -especially the smaller enterprises- often find it difficult to allocate time and resources to carry out such an exercise, whilst they could also face a further challenge to take a look at their own operations from an outsider’s point of view to see how things can be improved in an objective manner.

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