Industry / Business linkages with Academic

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Industry / Business linkages with Academic

Working Group SMEs & Academic will focus on the issue of the cooperation of SMEs with Academic and the relevant transfer of knowledge will be discussed with special reference to the problems and opportunities that SMEs face in such cases. Visible benefits, listed practical issues related to succesfull SMEs and Academic collaboration are the main aoutputs of WG.


  • Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency
  • City of Koblenz-KOBLENZ (GERMANY)

The thematic seminar on SMEs & Academic will focus on typical problems and possible solutions for closer cooperation between Science institutions (universities, colleges, institutes, research centres etc.) and Business. The thematic seminar will provide some good practices of such so called intermediary which helps the two sides – science and business, to communicate and be in constant contact (it helps define SMEs needs and makes resolve the problems, usually “closed in an eternal circle”).
For successful co-operation of SMEs and Academic, for promotion of such closer co-operation a number of other instruments are established and implemented (Innovation Vouchers, brokerage events etc). The detailed good practices will be presented and provided to the target group (SMEs, Academic, Local and regional Authorities) as the result of that Working Group.

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