Business and Market Development

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Business and Market Development (MKT)

“A Working Group established to examine and analyse the barriers, supports and opportunities in partner regions that prevent or enable Young SMEs to grow and consolidate their businesses in sustainable ways”.


  • Cámaras Fundación Incyde
  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council OMBC (UK)
  • Falkirk Council-FALKIRK (UK)
  • Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency
  • City of Koblenz-KOBLENZ (GERMANY)

SERA is WG owner and hosted the Business and Market Development (MKT) seminar in Waterford, South-East Ireland in June 2012. The Working Group partners’ focus is concerned with Business & Market Development supports and initiatives that assist Young SMEs to consolidate and grow their businesses in a sustainable and competitive way. The Working Group explores the macro and micro level environments for this theme, examining structures, practices and policies that impact on Young SMEs ways of doing business. Key practices and public sector supports will be identified and considered for innovation, transferability and exchange. Additionally, barriers and impediments for Young SMEs in growing businesses and competing in wider markets will be analyzed and compared, leading to the development of new ways of assisting and improving SMEs survival rates.

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