Other forms
of Funding

Generalitat Valenciana
– Spain –

After the FUNDING WG the assistant will be able to understand the different options for Young SMES financing when it comes to EU FUNDING…

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Business and
Market Development

South-East Regional Authority
– Ireland –

A Working Group established to examine and analyse the barriers, supports and opportunities in partner regions that prevent or enable…

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New technologies

City of Koblenz
– Germany –

The Seminar deals with various IT-Solutions for the interaction between business and public authorities. Barriers referred to different standards or slow….

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Malta Enterprise
– Malta –

The Thematic Seminar to be held in Malta during the month of November 2012 will focus on issues Young SMEs face when it comes to Management…

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Cooperation among

Oldham Metropolitan
Borough Council

– United Kingdom –

The theme of this working Group is SME Co-operation. It explores how public agencies and private sector businesses work together to develop and deliver…

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SMEs and Public Sector

Falkirk council
– United Kingdom –

The working group will examine the types of public sector support across the INTERREG partnership and review what has worked successfully, the impact of…

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Local Networking

Central Transdanzbian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd.
– Hungary –

CTRIA would like to demonstrate which assets can support the SMEs specially in the critical 3-5 years by. The seminar will be focused on clusters…

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linkages with Academic

KTU Regional Science Park
– Lithuania –

Working Group SMEs & Academic will focus on the issue of the cooperation of SMEs with Academic and the relevant transfer of knowledge will be…

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