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In Lithuania the cooperation between science and business is regarded as a necessity and there is a tendency to seek it because of its good nature.

When the partnership between science and business is viewed from the above mentioned perspective, it is good to know that Lithuania already has a number of measures which help to unite such different sectors.

The successful cooperation between science and business communities determines the spread and establishment of innovations in all areas of life and the effective use of innovations in business encourages economic and export development and increases performance efficiency and the country’s economic competitiveness.

Science and/or technology parks play the leading role in the promotion and popularization of innovations and the encouragement of the emergence of new innovative enterprises, the innovative development of already existing companies and the innovative partnership between science and business, and the execution of activities involving the provision of financial support for innovations


In the near future it is necessary to seek better scientific research application to industrial activities by encompassing the entire value chain. When it comes to the education system, it is imperative to increase the motivation of the future work force to create added value through the use of the latest scientific achievements.



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