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Creative Workshop Young SMEs. Torun Regional Development Agency and Torun Technology Park

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Young SMEs meeting
Torun, Poland from 6-8th November 2013


  • Best practises, and,
  • Guidelines for transfer and assessment of best practises.

How will the best practises be identified?

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

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Thematic Programme Capitalisation

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Monday 25 November 2013

Committee of Regions, room TRE 7701, 74 Rue de Trèves, 1000 Brussels


The objectives of the workshop are:


  • to present and validate the findings of the first year of the thematic analysis on the projects’ results and achievements
  • to discuss interesting practices and policies available within the involved regions that could be relevant also to other regions in Europe
  • to discuss the state of play at EU level in the thematic field, in relation to regional policy
  • to stimulate synergies, interactions, networking  and mutual learning among the projects



The target audience is:


Irish Department of Finance “SME Credit and Funding Newsletter”

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It is the Irish Department of Finance “SME Credit and Funding Newsletter” for Summer 2013 includes information  on:
– EIB funding boost for Irish SMEs
– Small Business Finance options
– National Enterprise Week

MicroFinance Ireland

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A new goverment initiative called MicroFinance Ireland:

– Microfinance Ireland has been funded by the Irish Government to provide loans to newly established and growing microenterprises (turnover less than €2m; staff less than 10) across all industry sectors that do not meet the conventional risk criteria applied by banks.

– Up to a maximum of €25,000
– Administered n partnership with the County & City Enterprise Boards (a Best Practice under the Business Development Theme of  YSMEs)


More information:

European SME week 25-30 November 2013

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The European SME Week aims to:


  • provide information on what the EU and national,regional and local authorities are offering as support to micro, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • promote entrepreneurship so that more people, and in particular younger ones, seriously consider becoming an entrepreneur as a career option;
  • give recognition to entrepreneurs for their contribution to Europe’s welfare, jobs, innovation and competitiveness.

Coordinated by the European Commission, this campaign promotes enterprise across Europe in line with the Small Business Act for Europe.

Visit for more information

It is taking place in 37 countries, so events and activities – national, regional or local – will be as close as possible to existing and potential entrepreneurs.

These events – organised by business organisations, business support providers and national, regional and local authorities – will also enable existing companies to share their experience and develop further themselves.

Close to 1,500 events were held across Europe in 2012

Existing and budding entrepreneurs, young people, business organisations, business support providers, public authorities, educational institutions – everyone can get involved in European SME Week.

Organise an event

What will you have to do?

Launch events and activities that:

•promote entrepreneurship (both new and existing entrepreneurs)

•inform businesses about the support available (European, national, regional and local) to help them reach their full potential.

Fiatal kis- és középvállalkozások támogatása a Közép-dunántúli Régióban

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Az Európai Bizottság összesítése szerint a 23 millió Európai Unióban működő kis- és középvállalkozás
az összes vállalkozás 99%-át adja.


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19-21 of February 2013 at Székesfehérvár, Hungary


Innovation Seminar

CTRIA gave a place for the first innovation seminar on the 19th-21st February 2013 in Székesfehérvár which was focused on SMEs&LocalNet.


The Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency aims at supporting, coordinating regional innovation processes organizing innovation networks, and especially providing innovation and innovation support services in Central Transdanubian Region. Our services are primarily targeted at supporting small-and medium-size businesses, regional bridge-building and R&D organizations


Unterstützung für junge Unternehmen

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Young SMEs Project. Other Forms of Funding

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Agenda – Project meeting in Valencia

Valencia, 19th, 20th and 21st of June 2013

“Entrepreneurial Education – The path of success”

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Incyde Foundation, as a member of Young SMEs Project, Interreg IVC.

Has been selected to participate in the seminar “Entrepreneurial Education – The path of success” to be held in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores, from 6 to 9 june 2013.

Direção Regional da Juventude

Rua de São Gonçalo, 92

9500 – 110 Ponta Delgada

Telef. 296304470

Fax. 296304477

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